Taiwanese IT rivals fight over accountants

Rivals Asustek and Acer seem to have have had a scrap over who has the right to edit their books.

According to Digitimes, Asustek Computer is thinking about suing its ex-accounting firm.

The accountants apparently looked up from their numbers and abacuses and told Asustek to take its accounts elsewhere.

After Asustek did some digging, it claims that the accountants were pressured to act in that way at the request of another of its clients.

Off the record, Asustek is blaming Acer, but actually suing the accountants who strangely are not named in any of the stories.

Asustek argues that the accounting firm violated professional ethics in allowing a third-party to influence its business relationship and is therefore considering taking legal action against the accounting firm.

The computer giant says it has successfully switched to a new accounting company.