Tablets put notebooks in the shade

OrangesA report said that tablets are set to overtake notebook PCs as the biggest mobile computing category.

That’s according to ABI Research, which said its data shows that tablets will have a 52 percent majority of the market by the end of this year.

Notebook shre will drop to a 48 percent share this year, and that will further decline by the end of 2016 too.

Tablets, are however, a niche and notebooks will show flat growth, partly because of a much longer replacement cycle.

Traditional notebooks are also threatened by Chromebooks which however will only show CAGR of 16 percent before this year and 2020.

ABI believes that tablets and notebooks don’t really compete in the same space, which makes the picture more complex. Acer, Apple, Asus and Lenovo all show good numbers in the Ultrabook and Chromebook markets, thinks ABI.