Tablet sales fall sharply

Dell TabletA report said that 2015 is not a great year for tablet sales.

In fact, according to ABI Research, compared to last year, tablet sales fell by 16 percent causing the big players to feel some pain. In the first quarter of this year, figures showed a quarter on quarter decline of as much as 35 percent.

Apple and Samsung continue to be the leadrs in tablet sales but the smaller vendors are hurting, according to ABI director Jeff Orr.

He said: “The tablet market lacks a truly competitive playing field needing a strong third even fourth vendor to drive the market out of stagnation.”

He said that Acer, Asus and Lenovo could each occupy those spots but have to build their business a little more.

The fall doesn’t mean the end of the road for tablets. Far from it – tablets are still popular in households and both business and education are finding practical purposes for their use.

But the problems tablets have are they last a long time.

Orr said the initial growth of tablets might never be matched again for the sector, but “they are still a strong force in the market”.