Symantec says India is key, plans to make more acquisitions

Security firm Symantec revealed that it considers India a pivotal location and plans to make a number of acquisitions over the next year in order to expand its business. 

According to Indian news outlet The Economic Times, Eric Hoh, Vice President of the Asia South Region of Symantec said India is “an important destination” for the company and that it will invest heavily in India, including IPs, sales office, R&D units, and additional Indian employees.

Symantec already has a large Indian workforce of 2,800 employees. It has three R&D units at Pune, Hyderaba and Bangalore, as well as six sales offices in major cities. It plans to add new sales offices in a number of smaller cities over time.

Hoh said that Symantec has already acquired 160 companies around the world and revealed plans to acquire additional companies, but he would not reveal if any of these would be Indian firms.

Symantec also intends to enter more telco partnerships in order to expand its distribution base.