Symantec fires Steve Bennett

Symantec CEO Steve Bennett has been fired and has been replaced by board member Michael Brown.

Bennett has also resigned from Symantec’s board of directors, the company said.

Bennett has been in charge since July 2012, after former president and CEO Enrique Salem was pushed out at the decision of the Board of Directors.

But it was clear that things were not going well. In April 2013, Bennett, told attendees at its own Vision Conference that the company was changing, and acknowledged that Symantec “lacked strategy” when it came to dealing with acquisitions.

He wanted to “move the company forward slowly”, but consistently and make Symantec easier to work with.

His board has not been impressed with the results and demanded his head on a plate served with a white wine sauce.

A special committee of the board will immediately begin the search for a permanent CEO with the assistance of an executive search firm, Symantec said.

The decision to terminate Bennett was the result of an “ongoing deliberative process” and not precipitated by any event or impropriety, Symantec said in words that are barely English.

It is hard to find what the board found so offensive. Reading between the lines, the board said a new person would have to “leverage our company’s assets” and “manage a leadership team to drive the next stage of the company’s product innovation and growth”.

In short, it does not know what it wants and is papering up the cracks with management bullshit and doublespeak. Of course, there could be someone who needs their assets leveraged, but we doubt this would assist their bottom line.

Bennett’s skills are appreciated by some. President Barack Obama appointed Bennett to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) in June 2013.

Brown joined Symantec’s board of directors following the company’s merger with Veritas Software in July 2005, and previously served as chairman and chief executive officer of Quantum Corporation. Bring back Peter Norton.