Swingin' Stephen Elop confirms Nokia-MS deal is about patent protection

Last night down near the seafront in Barcelona, Nokia CEO Swingin’ Steve Elop delivered a keynote about – what else? – the beautiful and loving new relationship between him as a former VP at Microsoft, Nokia, and Microsoft.

Essentially it was an hour-and-a-bit of convincing a roomful of cynical hacks and hacked off MeeGo developers that Nokia will turn a profit, it is definitely mutually beneficial, Microsoft is screwing no one over and it’s a three horse race. More like a three legged race.

Elop kept on talking about something called The Swing Factor. Apparently it’s not Red Hot Entertainment’s Simon Cowell parody. He is now the all singin’ all swingin’ Swinging Steve Elop, and he has the swing factor. What this means is that the joint value of MS and Nokia makes it a serious contender – that’s “the swing factor”.  

Essentially he reiterated everything from the London conference in front of the same crowd, different city. He confirmed that Microsoft and Nokia will be looking to monopolise on mobile advertising, together, and that Microsoft isn’t out to screw it over. According to Elop, a joint advertising venture will bring Nokia revenues not in the millions or tens of millions, but the billions.

As one commentator said last night: “So when is Microsoft buying Nokia?”

Responding to a question from TechEye, Elop confirmed that the partnership was very much about patents. 

When we asked if, strategically, it was about sideswiping Apple as it doesn’t tend to go after Microsoft, Elop said: “I’m not going to make any specific comments. But it is the case and was absolutely a topic of discussion, that Microsoft plus Nokia has a remarkably strong IP portfolio, and we will use that appropriately with the context of our ecosystem. 

“Ensuring that the value we create with our patents, we can defend from those who may take advantage.”

Meanwhile after kicking up a fuss missing out on the first round of questions, TG Daily’s Lydia Leavitt asked Swingin’ Steve about the mass walk-outs that happened at Nokia following the partnership announcement.

His answer was refreshing. The slow dawning realisation that you may get fired in a company-wide job cull was an “emotional journey”. That’s one way of putting it!