Support companies are "fed up with Cisco"

A pan-European supplier of IT repair services has called on Hewlett Packard to sock it to Cisco and urged it to capitalise on the industry’s sentiment.

Last week Cisco dumped HP as one of its chief partners, claiming both companies  were in competition.

Askar Sheibani, CEO of Comtek, said: “Many third party support companies will welcome HP with open arms as they’re fed up of Cisco calling the shots and maintaining a stranglehold on the networking market.”

Comtek is obviously not very fond of Cisco.

Sheibani called on HP to take advantage of “current anti-Cisco sentiment” and to form new partnerships with, er, third party IT support companies.

“This would enable HP to continue supporting its customers’ Cisco equipment, and to challenge Cisco’s networking market dominance,” he said.

He claimed that Cisco doesn’t want other companies to support its legacy equipment. “[It] often actively discourages them from doing so,” he said. “However, these are HP’s customers, and many will be worried that this fallout will make it harder to sustain the infrastructures that have underpinned their businesses for years,” he said.

“While Cisco may seek to shirk these responsibilites, we’re hopeful that HP won’t follow suit,” he said.