Super dynamic HP CEO takes outfit in an exciting new direction

After coming from an interesting business software outfit like SAP, you would not think that HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker would be able to turn the maker of printer ink into anything as dynamic and exciting.

But Apotheker is too dynamic for something like that. In his annual report he had to come up with a bold new direction for HP that would be so innovative that the company would become a bi-word for a new age of technology.

At HP’s press conference, Apotheker found that new word. It is a word which has been peddled by bored press officers on hacks who would rather be sticking pins in their eyes than write about it. But Apotheker’s charisma makes the word stand like a colossus over the IT world, and that word is “STORAGE”.

No… wait… Storage is as interesting as Apotheker… really, it is. If a German, who was too dynamic for a company which makes software, which no one knows what it does, can’t make storage interesting, who can?

It seems that Apotheker is jumping on the same bandwagon as Ballmer and IBM. He said that HP’s infrastructure part of the service is already rolling out and the app store will arrive between now and 2012.

Yep it is the cloud thing again. Cloud technology is PR spin which was designed to make storage and databases appear interesting. It does not, of course, and there is much disagreement as to whether it is as technologically reliable.

The idea of shoving all your data into a third party datacentre is really good until the datacentre is hit by an earthquake or a tidalwave. Then there is the small matter of datacentres suddenly wiping vital data during software upgrades.

However Apotheker, with all the genus of a person who hid from lawyers from Oracle to avoid answering embarrassing questions on his SAP history, is grabbing the reliability problem by the horns.

Actually he is not saying what HP is doing to make things more reliable, or what software his cloud vision is based upon.

Logically, given HP’s history, it would be looking at the Vole-Imperium’s Azure software.

However when asked what software HP is using to build its compute and storage fabric, Apotheker dynamically refused to comment. After all, Azure support was soooo July 2010 which was BA (Before Apotheker) and not interesting enough.

Apotheker stressed that HP’s love affair with Vole was as strong as ever despite shifts to webOS.

After all HP, is Microsoft’s biggest single partner on Windows and Ballmer has been just as dynamic as Apotheker lately.

Of course we predicted that HP would become this interesting.