Sun shines out of Oracle's results

Oracle has announced its fiscal 2010 Q4 GAAP revenues and, surprise, they’re good: totaly revenues were up 39 percent to $9.5 billion while non-GAAP revenues were up 40 percent to $9.6 billion. 

Its GAAP software licence revenues shot up 14 percent to $3.1 billion, and non-GAAP software support revenues were up 13 percent to $3.5 billion. GAAP operating income was $3.3 billion and the operating margin was 35 percent. 

Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein reckoned that results were better than expected on both the top and bottom line for the quarter. “This strong performance plus disciplined business management led to non-GAAP operating margin of 46 percent in Q4, fully including the $1.2 billion of Sun systems hardware that we sold in the quarter.”

Oracle’s purchase of Sun was a good move, reckons groovy-named president at Oracle Safra Catz: “We estimate that Sun contributed over $400 million to non-GAAP operating income in our Q4. This compares with a loss in Sun’s quarter ending June last year, when Sun was an independent company. Now that Sun is profitable, we have increased confidence confidence that we will meet or exceed our goal of Sun contributing $1.5 billion to non-GAAP operating income in FY2011, and $2.0 billion in FY2012.”

It’s clear Safra Catz thinks Sun was doomed until Oracle stepped in to save the day.

While Oracle’s results have been good, it says, IBM is moving against the company suing to block the hiring of one of its old managers by Oracle. It made the move against the  former IBM employee, who had been working at the company for 31 years, alleging that her plan to join Oracle would go against a noncompetition agreement.

It’s interesting IBM’s miffed about unlawful competition – it’s just been in trouble with Neon for doing the same thing itself.