Steve Wozniak ponders Apple return

Dancing queen and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wants to come back to take a more active role at Apple.

However, he said that the fruit-themed cargo cult needs to end its culture of secrecy and become a little more open. Talking to Reuters, Woz said he would consider taking a more active role in Jobs’ Mob, if he were asked.

Woz was in Brighton for a computer server conference and to present a software developer award. He has not worked for Apple since 1987, but is still on the payroll.

It was he who built the Apple I and Apple II computers that put Apple on the market.

Woz said that he knew an awful lot about Apple products and competing products.

He said that they were his own feelings, though. He said that Apple today is “unbelievable” with the successful products it has had, one after the other.

Woz believes consumers are into Apple gadgets because it’s easy to buy and consume content without glitches.

But in his view, Apple’s success is stuffed by the closed system that makes this possible, locking customers, media and software providers into Apple’s proprietary iTunes and iOS. He said that Apple has become similar to Microsoft because of its locked-in walled garden of delights.

Wozniak thinks technology needs to be relatively open so that engineers like him can “get in there” to add their own touches.

He thinks Apple could be more open and not lose sales. However, just so that the did not step on anyone’s toes, Woz added that Apple has been making the right decisions for the right reasons.

Nice bloke, that Woz, but he is still in trouble with cultists for suggesting that the Jobs’ Mob can do without its Messiah, Steve Jobs.