Steve Jobs voted 'most inspirational' leader

The IT industry is becoming increasingly desirable with tech celebrities like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have great drawing power to the sector, with Steve Jobs being voted ‘most inspirational’.

According to a survey conducted by IT jobs specialist CWJobs 5,500, IT professionals have revealed that almost half now feel that the industry is more desirable to work in than it was five years ago.  Forty percent of those asked reportedly even believed that the iPad had a talismanic ability to persuade people to join the tech sector.   

The research apparently showed how during this year the launch of the iPad – and the subsequent constant harping on Twitter by Stephen Fry of how jolly magnificent it is – combined with factors such as the release of box office smash The Social Network have led to a more mainstream appeal of the technology industry.  Dare we say that the tech industry has managed to attain a degree of…cool?  Well, not until Steve Jobs does away with his turtle neck sweaters and stone-wash jean combos during key notes anyway.   

The survey also highlighted the cult of the personality within the tech sector, revealing more of Steve Jobs’ unlikely rise to demi-god status.  Following the recent release of the Steve Jobs action figure/voodoo doll, it seems to be of little surprise that the most inspirational personality in the IT community is indeed Mr Jobs, with Zuckerberg coming in at second place.

Here is the Top 5 in full:

1.     Steve Jobs, Apple
2.     Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook
3.     Michael Dell, Dell
4.     Steve Balmer, Microsoft
5.     Larry Page, Google

Presumably in the future the average teenager will have a bedroom adorned with giant posters of the Apple logo and Jobs’ grinning mug, while nervously awaiting the release of Intel’s Sandy Bridge like they would a Justin Bieber CD.

Richard Nott, Website Director at CWJobs comments, “It’s interesting to see how people’s perceptions of the IT sector have changed so rapidly over the past few years,” said Richard Nott, website director at CWJobs. “These changes have introduced a new wave of jobseekers with constantly evolving skill sets to our website, giving our recruiters access to a greater number of high calibre candidates.”

When asked which brands have most positively contributed towards making IT a desirable industry, 70 percent said that Google has had the greatest contribution, trailed by Apple with 59 percent and Microsoft with 53 percent.

Technological advancements have aslo contributed to making the industry more sought after with 58 percent attributing it to mobile development platforms, 47 percent to developments in social media, 34 precent to cloud computing and 32 percent to 3D and animation films.