Steve Jobs pens biography

Apple cargo cult Messiah Steve Jobs is apparently using his sick leave to pen his own Gospel.

Like many messiahs, Steve is not going to write  his biography himself. Christ had four biographers, but he was dead at the time so had little choice.  However if Steve wrote his own biography it would end up like his emails.

“Was born, sent from my iPad.”

“Set up Apple with two others, sent from my iPad”

“The end, sent from my iPhone.”

It seems that Simon & Schuster biographer Walter Isaacson is writing “iSteve: The Book of Jobs,” which is expected to be published in early 2012.

Isaacson has been working on the book since 2009 and has interviewed Jobs, family members, and colleagues for the book.

We are not sure what is taking so long, judging by his track record, Steve is more likely to be obsessed with the cover than the content.

There have been other biographies printed about Apple’s St Steve but these have been mostly written with out his involvement.

There was “iCon: Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business” by Jeffrey Young. Steve responded to that one by taking it out on the publishers and cast out Wiley books from Apple stores. Legions of black shirts were said to be so incensed they arranged Young book burnings.

Still it does mean that Steve can get the book written in the way he likes.

1. In the beginning I created heaven and earth. And the world was formless and void. And then I spoke and said “let there be a Mac” and the world was full of bright and shiny things. sent from my iPhone)

Our guess is that it will be followed by the iActs of Steve Jobs and the Letters to his various followers.