Steve Jobs drives around blissfully without licence plates

Fruity peddler of broken dreams Steve Jobs believes that his role as God of gadgets for fan boys with more money than sense places him above the law.

We have already reported how Jobs parks his car where he likes, whether or not it is marked “disabled” , but according to Gizmodo he also does not drive with licence plates.

While the rest of the world+dog has to drive with licence plates, Jobs’ 2007 Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG is driven around in the same state as it was when it left the assembly line.

Hacks have started to wonder why it is that Jobs is immune to prosecution. They have been asking if there was some sort of government agreement with the authorities.

State DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza was indignant that the hacks believed that Jobs was somehow carrying a get out of jail free card.

It does not matter if you are Lindsay Lohan or Governor Schwarzenegger – you have to display a plate or risk being pulled over or getting a ticket, Mendoza said.

Californian Highway Patrol officers also say that Jobs is the same as anyone else when it comes to parking and licence plates. If Jesus showed up, if his donkey didn’t have plates they would give him a ticket too.

But a serial offender like Jobs is allowed to drive his car without plates and not be arrested, tasered, pummelled with a nightstick and left to die in his own blood and vomit in a Californian jail.

How he gets around it is that it is legal in the state of California to drive without a license plate-for 90 days.

Car dealerships generally have up to 30 days to file the necessary registration paperwork with the DMV when anyone buys a new or used car. Most coppers say that they will only pull over a car with no plates if the driver is doing something dodgy.

One cop pointed out that they usually had better things to do with their time rather than stopping serial offenders and role models to countless Apple fanboys sticking two fingers at the law.

Part of the problem is that if Jobs is ticketed he will only have to pay $65 which is nothing to the man who owns the world.

In fact, despite countless driving infractions and illegal parking, Jobs has received only two citations since 2006, both for speeding.

Driving without plates makes it easier to park in disabled car parks without getting a ticket, we guess.

It has been suggested that Steve drives without plates to avoid being bothered by Apple fan boys who might want to talk to him. It is well known that Steve likes to keep customers as far away from him as possible. However the plateless Merc is now so well known that it effectively advertises his presence where it can be snapped and shoved up on flickr .

Basically, if you see a badly parked Merc without out plates in a disabled car park in California chances are that it is Steve Jobs. However, Jobs of course never worries about security. Security problems only happen to Steve Ballmer.

Given Jobs’ profile we would have thought it was time that the US authorities made an example of him. Smug, arrogance and a total disregard for laws is not something that should be toloranted. Particularly in a country that will shoot you and your family for being black and crossing a bridge .