Stephen Elop denies Microsoft takeover

Nokia boss Stephen Elop has quashed rumours that the outfit will be taken over by Microsoft, dismissing the claims as “completely baseless”.

In an conference last night at the D9,  near Los Angeles, Elop responded to caims by Russian leakster Eldar Murtazin that Microsoft would was in talks with the Finnish firm about a possible takeover in a bid to revive the fortunes of the flailing firm.

Nokia has been suffering of late with its stock being hit after its mobile division admitted that it was unlikely to make a profit this quarter.  This is dire news as it is first time for over decade.

Nokia is facing stiff competition in the high end phone market from the iPhone with its Symbian OS not cutting the mustard.

And with Microsoft on the up with details coming through of its forthcoming Windows 8, it seems that talk of a takeover deal following the deal between the two firms on a new generation of phones was hard to resist.

However Elop stated that as well as the supposed talks never occurring, the deal would not make sense as smartphones were only one facet of Nokia’s business.

And we are inclined to believe Elop.  Why on earth would Microsoft want the millions of Symbian phones which will make up a sizeable portion of the firm’s business for the foreseeable future.  Nokia has said it would continue with the maligned OS until at least 2015.

Elop also denied some rather outlandish rumours surrounding his past as a Microsoft employee that he had been sent to Nokia to orchestrate a takeover from inside as a Vole mole.

“The Trojan horse theory has been well overplayed,” he said. “I refer you to the grassy knoll for that one.”