Start-up launches ultrafast 'cloudpaging' software streaming

Good news for gamers –start up Numecent has announced further details of its patented cloudpaging technology which could vastly lower the time needed to stream software applications.

The start up firm has just come out of stealth mode having drummed up several million dollars in funding, and has revealed more details of its innovative virtualisation based ‘cloudpaging’ system.

It is claimed that the cloudpaging technology, apparently licensed out to Microsoft among others, is able to reduce the delivery time of software by between 20 and 100 times normal downloads.    This means that everyone from gamers to enterprises not wanting to download or stream huge masses of data will be able to access small chunks of information at one time.

According to CEO Osman Kent, formerly boss of 3DLabs, many universities in the UK, such as Kingston in southwest London, are already viewing the technology as vital for accessing necessary software.    In one sense Kent says, the technology is akin to a software version of the more simple data accessed through the hugely popular Dropbox.

Kent told TechEye that Numecent’s cloudpaging software works by taking a piece of software and or PC app such as Photoshop or Autocad, and generates a “’cloudified’ version of the application automatically”.  This can be done for any application even an operating system, Kent says.

“Secondly we also have a piece of server software that you can run on a public or private cloud and we publish the cloudified application on this server,” Kent said in a phone briefing with TechEye.

“We are able to deliver to anywhere necessary, 20 to 100 times faster than what is possible with a typical download.”

“This is done in an encrypted way, and it’s all controlled under our license control system.”

Kent says that when you are executing this on a client machine it executes at native speeds but without installation.  Once you have run a piece of software you can even run it offline, he says, all of which is done “through virtualisation”.

“This keeps the users happy as it s very agile, and you have minimum IP hassles on your machine.”

The cloudpaging technology is able to automatically see which ‘pages’ are needed by a user of a piece of software, and allocate only what is needed for streaming.  As a result of it is claimed that rather than waiting for a 10GB download, content can be accessed for as little as a 100Mb download from which the user can get working or start playing a game.

This ‘push-pull’ mechanism is able to look at multiple users demands on a piece of software and help to allocate data more intelligent, and is one of the various patents backing up the technology.

Intriguingly, due to the small amount of data being downloaded it is possible to use the cloudpaging system to stream a full game such as Call Of Duty from a smartphone to a laptop at full frame rates.    Kent says this would be a very useful potential application, with a gamer owner for example streaming directly to another PC at a friend’s house.

 As there is no installation of the software being streamed the application vanishes after use, meaning that there are no concerns over using a license multiple times as it can only streamed to one location.

According to Kent this offers a significant advantage over other forms of streaming such as pixel streaming, highlighting the need to use up to 2GB of data cap to play a game online.

Such is the potential that Numecent sees in gaming that the firm has also announced the spin off Approxy which will use the firms cloudpaging technology for solely gaming purposes.   An instant HD gaming service is currently in beta testing.

There is also massive potential for enterprise uses, and Kent has highlighted Numecent’s success in rolling out the technology for large scale engineering firms.

For corporate use we can imagine it would could be handy to have all necessary applications ready to stream from your phone wherever you go.  Indeed Kent says it is possible to do so with a 3G connection.

Numecent is apparently targeting its cloudpaging technology to “ISVs, Aggregators, Service Providers, SMBs and enterprises” and has recently embarked on a partnership with Redhat.