Starbucks gives away wi-fi with overpriced coffee

Coffee shop chain Starbucks said that from tomorrow all wi-fi access in its establishments in Canada and the USA will be free. Or rather at no charge, ‘cos you’ll still have to buy a smoothie or something.

The move only applies to store owned Starbucks, and not franchisees.

starbucks said if you’ve a wi-fi laptop, tablet or a mobile phone, you’ll have unlimited access to the internet without needing a user name and the like. You’ll need a frothy coffee or a smoothie, however.

Starbucks uses AT&T in the USA as the provider of its wi-fi in 6,800  coffee shops. In Canada, its 750 coffee shops have wi-fi provided by Bell.

Starbucks didn’t say that it planned to do the same outside North America but it is going to cooperate with Yahoo later this year to create a digital network that will give customers free access to a number of paid sites and services.