South Koreans raid Google offices

South Korea’s anti-trust watchdog has crashed through the doors of the search engine Google and started snuffling around the hindquarters of the outfit’s operations looking for the scent of something illegal.

Google, which rules the world of internet search, is under investigation by antitrust authorities in the United States and in Europe so it should be used to it.

According to Reuters, officials from the Korean Fair Trade Commission went into Google’s offices on Tuesday morning and had a look around. They were planning to come back on Wednesday morning because they didn’t have time to look behind the pictures in the lobby for the hidden safe.

If the outfit had been doing evil, Google had plenty of time to hide any evidence. South Korea’s top internet portals filed a complaint with antitrust regulators in April. They claimed that Google was unfairly stifling competition in the mobile search market.

NHN and Daum Communications said that Android smartphones have Google’s search engine installed as a default navigation tool and are “systematically designed” to make it virtually impossible to switch to another option.

We guess that in such an investigation, antitrust watchdogs would just have to look at the phone rather than any papers in Google.

Google said in a statement that it does not ask manufacturers of mobile phones that use its Android software to include Google search or other Google applications on the devices.

It said that it would work with the Korean Fair Trade Commission to address any questions it may have about the company’s business.