Sony up on battery antitrust investigation

It’s Sony’s turn under the investigative eye of the Department of Justice.

The company has a looming threat of an investigation from the DoJ. It wants to delve into Sony’s dirty laundry and air out the company’s rechargeable battery business.

Sony hasn’t got too much to say on the matter, merely telling Bloomberg that it had received a request for information in this sector on May 3. It wouldn’t say anything further, which makes us think that there’s a chance of a full on and public investigation.

Although details are sparse, the guess is that the probe may look at the way Sony has been managing its pricing and distribution. It’s thought it may have been feeding customers lower prices and better deals, undercutting the competition.

Lithium batteries used in smartphones, personal computers, and tablets account for the largest portion of the global market. Bloomberg points out that in 2010, many of the big battery makers, including Sony, cut prices when they discovered there was an oversupply.

This could be part of the focus of the investigations by the DoJ, as low prices or ‘dumping’ of products by the dominant players might have forced smaller companies out of business.