Sony starts testing PS3 network

Highly hacked Sony is currently testing its patched PS3 network and is offering punters a limited service.

The network has been down since April 20, after it was hacked and all its users details were passed on to spammers.

It turned out that the most of the problems were caused by servers being unpatched and accessible.

According to the Guardian Sony began restoring its PlayStation Network service in the United States and Europe

Currently, online gaming, chat and music streaming is available. Sony wants to fully restore the network by the end of May.

There has been a phased restoration of its Qriocity movie and music services which share the PlayStation Network’s servers too.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Middle East will get a limited service soon, and Sony said it will start restoring the service for users in Asia.

Kazuo Hirai, chief of Sony Corp’s PlayStation video game unit, announced that the outfit had beefed up security measures.

However, it looks like anything involving credit cards is still on hold. Punters can’t buy video games or other content by using credit cards.

Apparently out of 100 million user accounts, more than 92 million can access the limited service.