Sony slashes OLED TV production

As we expected, Sony has walked away from the idea of OLED tellies, according to the Japanese Nikkei newspaper.

Mr Accountant San has ordered the end of all of its development around commercial OLED TVs in order to concentrate on 4K Ultra HD products with more traditional LED/LCD panels.

The take down is interesting because Sony was first to market when it came to OLED TVs. In 2008, it released to XEL-1, an 11-inch OLED TV for US$2,500.

While manufacturers promised OLED technology, the high manufacturing costs and lifespan issues made products as rare as hen’s teeth.

Things appeared to change in 2013 when Sony started showing off 4K OLED TVs that things started to change. However, 4K Ultra HD resolution on a LED screen is cheaper and better for manufacturers. Sony did well with the technology and it made up 20 percent of the total value of global shipments of 4K TV. Nikkei thinks that half of Sony’s line-up will be 4K models.

The change means that Sony can reduce the workforce of its consumer electronics division by a fifth.