Sony reshuffles management after embarrassing hacks

Sony has finally got around to dealing with some of the management problems which let hackers  hit the outfit in one of the world’s largest hacks.

According to Reuters, Sony said it would reshuffle the management of its video games unit, two months after the company was hit by a massive hacking attack.

The attack forced the network to close for a month and revealed how loose the security on Sony’s network really was. Servers had not been patched and some didn’t even have any security at all, which let the hackers to take the personal details of PS3 users.

It is clear that Sony thinks that it needs to put the outfit under a bit of a tighter management leash and it was expected that someone was going to have to recite a haiku, surrounded by cherry blossom, while savaging themselves with a sharp bit of cutlery.

Current Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman Akira Sato will retire at the end of August.

Kazuo Hirai, the electronics giant’s second-in-command, who also currently serves as the president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment has become the chairman of the unit, presumably with the remit to knock a few heads together.

Welsh-born Andrew House will take over as the unit’s new president and group CEO in September

So far these are the first changes that Sony has announced since the hacks.