Sony prepares for Stringer successor

It is starting to look like Sony’s Welsh wizard Howard Stringer is getting ready to exit the outfit.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony has anointed his successor. According to the bible this is a messy business involving oil, a mad prophet who talks to God on a daily basis and a crowd of bemused witnesses. If the ritual goes right you end up with a King David, if it goes wrong you end up with a bloke who goes mad and flings spears at people.

The anointy-nointy oil has been spread on Kazuo Hirai, the head of Sony’s PlayStation game business. The company outfit said that it plans to combine its videogame and consumer electronics businesses and then promote, Hirai to oversee the newly formed unit.

By handing over the reins of Sony’s two highest-profile businesses, the company is elevating Mr. Hirai,to a position that would make him the number two in the outfit.

Hirai is a longtime executive who has played a major role in building the PlayStation business from scratch since the early 1990s.

Stringer is 69 and has renewed his contract and will oversee the restructuring, staying on for an unspecified period of time. But he had admitted that the reorganisation was part of a conscious, though not yet finalised, succession plan. He said that Hirai was the leading candidate…because of his consistency and a continuance of the convergence strategy.”