Sony, LG kiss and make up on patent front

Giant electronics conglomerates Sony and LG have decided that their patent war is over and rather than being cross, they will instead cross-license patents to each other.

The patents that were in dispute cover a multitude of sins, sorry things, including digi TVs, mobile phones, and Blu-ray players.

The companies decided their shareholders need not know financial details of their settlement.

LG had asked the International Trade Commission (ITC) – an American quango – to ban Sony from importing Playstation 3s and Bravia TVs into the USA.

Sony also complained to the ITC that handsets made by LG – formerly South Korean company Lucky Goldstar – should not be allowed into the USA.

The patent wars spread to Europe, as they often do in such cases. But Sony and LG decided to sit together and smoke a pipe of peace, rather than escalate the dispute into a full blown conflagration.