Sony had its Brazil site cracked

Console maker Sony, which made a grave mistake by declaring war on hackers, has lost another website, this time in Brazil.

The outfit had to shut down its Brazilian music website as it looked into a possible server breach.

It has faced repeated attacks ever since it shut down the use of Linux on its PS3 and then dragged hackers who jailbroke the console into court.

Since April, it has seen its network offline for a month and had servers cherry picked by hackers. More than 90 million Sony user accounts have been made public.

On Monday, Sony websites in Europe were also believed to have been hacked into and Sony also acknowledged over the weekend that its Culver City Sony Pictures film studio had been hacked.

Sony told Bloomberg that the possible attack “may have altered some content” but did not say what that meant for the company.

Sony apologised for its security difficulties and the toll hackers have taken on its online networks.

It has no plans to backtrack on its Linux decisions, or actions against jailbreakers.

E3 saw Sony announce its PlayStation Vita portable video game system, which will connect to the internet over Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G connections.

It will be interesting to see how Sony’s actions will affect sales.