Sony expects sensor boom

sonic-boomThe maker of the Walkman, Sony, expects sales of its image sensors to increase by $804 million to around $4.41 billion in the current business year until  next March because of strong demand from Apple and other high-end smartphone makers.

Tomoyuki Suzuki, head of the Sony’s device solutions business including sensors, also said the company was aiming for a diverse client base, showing he was wary of depending too much on Apple, widely seen as its biggest customer for sensors.

Sensors have emerged as one of Sony’s strongest products in the past few years as its TV and mobile operations struggle. While it has fallen far behind Apple and Samsung Electronics in the smartphone race, the company’s sensors are used in its rivals’ newer handsets.

Suzuki told Reuters  in an interview that when it comes to semiconductors, if you can’t make use of capacity you quickly end up with a loss.

“So if you want to avoid that volatility the important thing is to have a good balance with several customers,” he said.