Solar panels boom in the UK

Solar farm in Arizona - Wikimedia CommonsThe first quarter of this year saw a spate of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects commissioned in the UK because of the end of the Renewable Obligations (RO) scheme.

IHS said that 110 PV projects with a capacity of 1.6GW were completed in the first quarter. That brings the number of large solar farms to 311 in this country, with a combined capacity of 3.8GW.

The total installed PV capacity in the UK is 7.5GW.

Josefin Berg, senior analyst of PV at IHS said that once the paperwork is signed, developer and installers in the UK can build large PV plants fast.

One third of the total UK capacity is owned by three large PV investors – Lightsource, TerraForm Power and Bluefield LLP.

Berg said: “There are 500 projects in the UK pipeline that are larger than five megawatts and which now will either have to be reduced below five megawatts, submitted to the highly oversubscribed Contracts for Difference tenders or scrapped entirely.”

Berg said that the UK market hasn’t cooled off, but people are looking to see the results of the general election, held here on May 7th.