Social media advertising pointless

A Gallup poll has proved that spending money on Social Media advertising is a complete waste of time.

Americans say that social media does not influence their purchasing decisions, even if it is something to do with cats.

Huge numbers of companies are running extensive marketing campaigns based on social media but more than 62 percent of US respondents said Facebook, Twitter and other social networking site, do not have any influence on their product purchasing decisions.

Gallop’s State of the American Consumer report said that only five percent of survey respondents said social media have “a great deal of influence” on their purchasing decisions. Just over 30 percent admitted that social media did have “some influence” on their buying habits.

This suggests that most people consider social media as a networking tool and not something they use to follow trends or look for product reviews.

Around 75 percent of pre-Baby Boomers say SM has no impact their buying decisions; 67 percent of Baby Boomers make the same claim, as do 57 percent of Generation X and 48 percent of Millennials. So in otherwords the younger you are the more likely you are to form an opinion based on social notworking.

The Gallup report did point out that it was quite possible that social media may have more influence than many people “realise or will admit”, but highlighted that the data make it very clear that few consumers consciously consider input from social media when making purchases.