Sky customers to get up to 20Mbps

People in rural areas may be struggling to get even a nibble byte of internet access, but that hasn’t stopped Sky rubbing it in by offering its customers ‘up to’ 20Mbps speeds from June 1.

In a move that’s bound to cause some complaints, the broadcaster is also overhauling its broadband offering by offering just two primary packages.

The two new packages include Sky Everyday Lite, which will be free for existing customers that have Sky’s telephone service, Sky Talk. Those without the service will be charged £5 per month for the internet access, which comes with a measly 2GB data cap.

The second option, Sky Unlimited, is available for £7.50 per month for Sky customers with Sky Talk or £12.50 per month for those without. It gives customers more for their buck with unlimited broadband access with no data caps or fair usage policy, which Sky says makes it “ideal for those who want the freedom to download emails, photos, TV programmes, movies and games. It’s also ideal for those who want to access live and on-demand TV through Sky Player.”

Although both packages have their advantages, in the sense that some customers may get more speed, it may also be worth having a look to see what else is out there.
Orange for example offers its customers  speeds of up to 20Mbs and unlimited downloads from £7 and £9 per month.