Siri advert was not misleading

Apple’s advert for Siri, which failed to mention that it was practically a chocolate teapot when it came to being helpful in the UK, was not misleading, according to the Advertising Standards Association.

Vodafone released an advert showing Siri’s abilities but Jobs’ Mobs’ phone cannot do three quarters of the things that the same software can do in the US.

Clearly someone bought the iPhone 4S and thought it was unfair that the much promoted Siri hardly worked in the UK and focused their bile on the Vodafone advertisment.

However, according to an ASA statement, the advertisement showed location-based weather reports (which do work in the UK), but not the maps-based features you can’t use.

The ASA did note that there is a difference between Siri in the UK and in the US, and that in the US the statements in the advert were true.

Because the ad didn’t make those claims explicitly or implicitly, it’s fine.

The wording complained of in the original ad was: “[Siri] can even use information from your iPhone, such as your location, contacts and contact relationships — to provide intelligent, personal assistance.”

So while it did not actually say “in comparison to what Apple users get in the US, this version is nothing”, what it did say did not break any laws.