Sino-American wants its sapphire-wafers to shine

Sino-American Silicon Products reckons its output of sapphire wafers will swell to 500,000 a month – or six million a year within three years, to make it the top dog manufacturer of the LED component in Taiwan.

Half a million is a far cry from the 60,000 wafers it managed over December 2010 utilising 10 factories. It thinks revenue will increase 25 percent sequentially and boost output to 180,000 a month by the year’s end. Silicon wafer manufacturing shot up by 60 percent over 2010 while sapphire-wafer manufacturing tripled year on year, according to Taiwan Economic News. Sino-American may have earned, say reports, $120 million in after-tax net income for 2010. 

The shiny blue light continues to steamroll: Sapphire wafer production gave Sino-American a revenue of $13 million in 2010, accounting for a two percent chunk of the overall $746 million, though it wants to hoist the mark up to the five percent figure by 2011’s end.

It is considering capacity expansion with a kitty of $166 million saved away – and is reportedly on the hunt for a hectare or three to bung new factories on.