Silicon Valley's entrepreneurs in "Fight Club" fisticuffs

When most think of a job in Silicon Valley an image conjures in the mind of plush settings and entrepreneurial talent.

But TechEye has learned that while these workplaces are often ranked as the most desirable in the world, many staffers are tragically unfulfilled.

This has led to the emergence of a dark underbelly of violence in the technology community.

More and more office workers who have spent the day sat in front of a computer are seeking out the visceral thrill of one on one combat in what seems to be a number of groups inspired by the cult film Fight Club.

“I hit a guy in the face and we’ve bonded. We’re part of the same tribe,” said one participant in a fighting ring, quoted from the video below.

“I would say I use the fighting more as a remedy to the cubicle existence,” he continued, highlighting the growing trend towards a need for an outlet following a day working in the technology industry.

“We are seeing office workers who, after a day in the office, want to have a good manly experience of a fight.”

“Poker is fine, but Fight Club – I do it for the hugs afterwards.”

The fights, which probably don’t see combatants arming themselves with anything from knives to shurikens carved from USB sticks and sellotape, would probably often lead to horrific bloodshed.


Uppercut from California is a place. on Vimeo. Seen on The Next Web.


While TechEye has the growing feeling that some of this could, just possibly, be make-believe, it has made us wonder who we’d like to see in the Silicon Valley Fight Club next:


Fight: Mark Zuckerberg in a three way fight against the Winklevoss’s?  One easy way to solve the lawsuit.

Verdict: Out of court settlement.


Fight: Apple‘s Tim Cook versus Microsoft‘s Ballmer. The main event.

Verdict: Steve Ballmer’s pro-wrestling training gives him the competitive advantage armed with a chair. 


Fight: Dirk Meyer versus The entire AMD board?

Verdict: Our money is on Meyer. Angry and disillusioned from his sacking er resignation at AMD and an unsuccessful comedy career, he’ll have some pent up violence. With AMD shedding execs left jab, right hook and centre it may not have the staff to enter the fight – and Meyer will win by default.