Showstoppers stops the CES show

So I wended my way to the Wynn last night, a place where CES favourite Showstoppers was having a gig to end all gigs.

There we encountered many a startup who had bought tables at the show for around $5,000 a head, according to several vendors and startups who were prepared to talk off the record.

This, many of them said, was well worth it, because the cost of booths is so high at CES and the cost of public relations people even higher, that to get the opportunity to bump into heaps and heaps of journalists with vast streed cred like yours truly was a golden opportunity to publicise their wares.

The liquor flew as if it was water, but we found that if you took the trouble to tip the guys and girls serving it – just a buck or so was enough – it worked wonders.

But Showstoppers and for that matter the similar gig the night before, really makes me wonder about the viability of CES as a trade show to end all trade shows, reinforced by me filling in a survey just outside the north hall which asked a heap of pertinent questions about the big Asian firms with vast booths who are exhibiting their wares here. The Panasonics, the Samsungs, the Sharps, and the Hitachis of this world must surely be re-thinking their show strategies.