Shops facing up to digital world

vaulted-glass-ceiling-of-the-shopping-arcade-galleria-vittorio-emanuele-ii-sami-sarkisA survey suggested that 64 percent of shops in Western Europe have committed to what they describe as digital transformation while another 21 percent will kick their efforts off by the end of the year.

High street chains and megastores face many challenges from moving to a digital world one of which is that people might go into brick and mortar establishments to check out goods, then when they get home go to Amazon and bypass the stores completely.

IDC said that it has assessed the marketplace and top shops will create an “omni channel” backbone so they can have a single view of elements including orders, customers and stock.

Western European companies, said IDC, want to give their sales people on the shop floor mobiles and repeat the kind of steps people go through online in a shop.

Mobile commerce is “the next frontier”, said IDC, and fulfilling customers needs across multiple and different touch points.

“Digital transformation is a train they [the shops], cannot afford to miss,” said Luca Bonacina, a senior research analyst at IDC. “Today all the top Western Euroean retailers are in the process of determining how digital impacts them and what their digital transformation approach and strategy should be”.