Shine goes off Wintel tablets

It seems the novelty of tablets is dying fast with Acer predicting that the market will be flat.

Acer Chairman J.T. Wang told Reuters  that he expects notebook and tablet PC shipment to be flat in the second quarter from the first quarter.

Previously he had thought that there would be up to five percent growth in April.

This was a slap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper for Acer which, a month ago, was talking up the market.

Wang was saying that he expected up to 80 percent of Acer’s products to have touch screen technology by next year or the year after.

He is hoping new tablets and touch-notebook computers will revive sales in a PC market where quarterly shipments are at their lowest in nearly four years.

Wang added that sales were 19 percent lower in the first five months than in the same period a year ago.