Sharp goes after AU Optronics, LG, others in patent spat

Another day and another company is getting its knickers in a twist over patents..

This time Sharp has decided to file a lawsuit against Taiwan’s AU Optronics (AUO) and six others including  China’s Haier and LG.  

It claims that the companies have infringed its patented LCD technology and has made two complaints with the US International Trade Commission and District Court for Delaware. Sharp wants the courts to place an order on the companies involved to stop imports and sales in the United States of LCD panels and modules that use the technology at the centre of the dispute.

Sharp also wants AUO to put its hands in its pockets and pay out some compensation. However, it is currently unknown how much it is after.

The court order comes after Sharp and AUO failed to renew a contract at the end of 2010 to license Sharp’s patented LCD technology to AUO.

In Taiwan, AU Optronics issued a brief statement without commenting directly on the Sharp suit: “We respect (a) third party’s intellectual property rights, and we also expect others to respect our intellectual property rights, and we will protect the interest of our company and of our customers,”