Sharp cut by AUO for patent infringement

Sharp has become the latest company to be accused of patent infringement.

The finger pointing comes from AU Optronics and its US partner AU Optronics America who have filed two complaints against the company. The first, which was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, alleges that Sharp infringed patents 6,818,967, 7,057,359, 7,125,157, 7,259,526, 7,317,289, and 7,172,331.  

The second complaint was filed in the United States Central District of California and alleges that Sharp infringed patents 7,771,098, 7,723,728 and 7,101,073.

AUO claims that Sharp took advantage of these in its LCD range of TVs including its
Quattron series, which AUO believes to infringe patent number 7,771,098. This is a multi-primary colour display, which AUO claims was invented at its own technology centre.

It now wants an “unspecified amount of damages and permanent injunction against the infringing products, among other reliefs.”

However, we can’t help but think AUO has had it in for Sharp since last year when the company sued AUO amongst others, claiming that they had infringed its patented LCD technology.

In a case of deja vu, Sharpmade two complaints with the US International Trade Commission and District Court for Delaware. It also wanted AUO to splash out on some compensation.

The court order comes after Sharp and AUO failed to renew a contract at the end of 2010 to license Sharp’s patented LCD technology to AUO.