Semiconductor foundry market gets boost

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsFigures released by Gartner showed that in 2014 the semiconductor foundry market grew by 16.1 percent.

Semiconductor foundries take designs supplied by so-called fabless chip vendors and make the devices as part of a service.

The biggest player in the field is TSMC, which in 2014 had a 53.7 percent share of the market, up 25.2 percent from the year before.

The next in the list have comparatively minor market shares. UMC had 9.9 percent during 2014, Globalfoundries (GloFo) 9.4 percent, Samsung 5.1 percent, Chinese manufacturer SMIC 4.2 percent amd Powerchip two percent.

GloFo used to be the manufacturing division of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), but was spun off some years ago. IBM sold its foundry business to GloFo last year.

Even though semiconductor giant Intel has massive process capacity and has a foundry business, it didn’t figure in the ratings.

Gartner said traditional notebook and desk based PC unit production declined, and mobile phone unit numbers fell, other applications, such as wearables, helped the foundry market flourish.