Seagate creates bigger HDD for tablets

For a while the size of tablet hard-drives has been strictly limited, however Seagate wants to change all that with its Ultra Mobile HDD.

According to the company, its HDD is designed for mobile gizmos and delivers more than seven times the storage capacity of a traditional 64GB tablet with the same power, performance and reliability of a flash device.

The technique involves using thin, high-capacity HDD with a software optimiser.

Steve Luczo, president, CEO and chairman of Seagate said that it can provide speed and memory size at a cheaper price than SSDs.

John Rydning, IDC’s research vice president for hard disk drives and semiconductors, said that today’s tablets are trading off storage capacity in order to realise a thin and light form factor device and long battery life.

But Seagate’s Mobile Enablement Kit will bring PC-like storage capacity to future thin and light tablet designs, and position Seagate as a potential storage provider to the fast-growing tablet market.

The Ultra Mobile HDD has improved shock, heat and vibration and gyroscopic motion management systems, which enable traditional hard-drives to be installed into tablets.

Power consumption is equal to that of a 64GB tablet and the performance equal to that of a 16GB tablet while costing less than either, Seagate claims.

The drive is so well insulated that a dropped device’s screen would break before its hard disk drive, Seagate said.

Incorporated power modes support the drive in sleep, standby and idle enabling it to consume as low as 0.14W and support the long battery life demanded by tablets. It’s also slim, which allows it to be used in applications like convertible and detachable storage.

The 2.5-inch drive is just 5mm thin while weighing the same as a light bulb. It features up to 500GB of capacity.

The kit is designed to support the Android operating system. So far there is no word on price or if any OEMS are taking it up.