SCO is now an ex-parrot

Norwegian BlueIBM and SCO filed an agreement with the US District Court in Utah to accept a ruling of dismissal of the last remaining claims by SCO against IBM meaning that anti-Linux bad-boy really is deader than a Norwegian Blue.

The move finally brings to an end a long running court case which at one point threatened the development of Linux. SCO’s case against IBM started in 2003 and it ends with a one page agreement between SCO and IBM which calls “for certification of the entry of final judgment on the Court’s orders concerning all of SCO’s claims.

“There is no just reason for delaying SCO’s appeal from such Orders, as the final resolution of SCO’s claims may make it unnecessary, as a practical matter, for the Court to decide the several pending motions concerning IBM’s counterclaims, given SCO’s bankruptcy and its explanation that it has de minimis financial resources beyond the value of the claims on which the Court has granted summary judgment for IBM,” the notice said.

Basically SCO is bankrupt and the only assets it has left are its claims against IBM, which have been ruled as pants by ages of litigation. The agreement keeps IBM’s claims against SCO open should IBM ever decide to move forward with them, which is doubtful.

The agreement was expected. On February 10, Judge David Nuffer with the US District Court in Utah dismissed a couple of interference claims SCO had filed against IBM, and had ordered both parties to reach an agreement.