Scientists say you’re on your own, suckers

Heron - Mike Magee photoA security expert at a leading American university has concluded that you’re on your own if you want to stay safe using the internet.

Michigan State University faculty member Saleem Alhabash is a member of a team which researches ways to make the web safer for people.

But the team has thrown its collective sets of hands up in the air and said you have to take personal responsibility for your safety and security.

Can someone be taught personal responsibility for security?

It’s not cut and dried, according to Nora Rifon, who is a member of the team and a professor of advertising and public relations.

“It isn’t something you can easily teach,” said Rifon. “It’s an attitude that needs to be encouraged.

Global internet security breaches result in losses of more than $400 billion a year, the team estimates.

The researchers didn’t say how much they were paid to come up what some might describe as the “bleeding obvious”.