Schmidt tiggered as Page turns at Google

Google co-founder Larry Page will succeed Eric “privacySchmidt as CEO of the search behemoth.

Schmidt will relinquish day to day operations in early April to be succeeded by Page, a stripling at 38 compared to the 55 year old.

But Schmidt is not exiting stage left from Google, now popularly known as Ogle because of its tendency to peer into every corner of our connected lives.

Schmidt will advise Page and co-founder Sergey Brin, and will keep a post as executive chairman.

Some believe that Schmidt has been involved in argy-bargy with Page for quite some time, but reps from Ogle describe such speculation as fiction, not friction.

Chairman Schmidt, as we must now describe him, waxed long and lyrical on the Google bog about the delights of Ogling. Google is not evil, but no one ever said it was Goodie Two Shoes.