SAS reveals 5.2 percent revenue growth in 2010

Analytics firm SAS has posted its financial results for 2010, revealing a revenue increase of over five percent.

SAS earned $2.43 billion revenue in 2010, an increase of 5.2 percent on 2009’s revenue.

SAS’s business analytics sector saw a revenue increase of 26 percent, accounting for the majority of the company’s total revenue growth. The banking, insurance and investment sectors were primary customers of business analytics, employing it to deal with global economic fears. This helped SAS to continue growing throughout the recession.

Total operating revenue in the UK was up 13.1 percent, while total software sales were up 12.6 percent.

Today’s figures mean that SAS has enjoyed 35 years of constant revenue growth, despite economic worries over the years.

Nearly half of its revenue, 46 percent, was earned in the Americas, while 42 percent was earned in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. The final 12 percent came from the Asia Pacific market. Emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East contributed some of the highest growth.

SAS invested nearly a quarter, 24 percent, of its revenue in research and development in 2010 and also expanded its workforce by 2.4 percent.

SAS was tight-lipped about its forecast for 2011, but it said that with the uncertain economic climate there are many challenges facing organisations. Despite this, its results for 2010 has boosted its confidence for further revenue increases in 2011.