SAPman wants to make HP even more boring

We haven’t heard a great deal from newish HP CEO Leo Apotheker so far, but if a report is to be believed he’s set to transform his company – already dull – into something even duller.

Apotheker was at SAP for years – a firm which has a reputation for being, let us say, really, really dull.

The Wall Street Journal has an exclusive report on how Apotheker is set to cause ripples at HP by de-emphasising its PC and its server divisions and concentrating on possibly more profitable but definitely more boring software, networking and storage.

The report adds that he also wants – yeah, to concentrate on cloud computing, joining the legions of other tech companies that peddle this vaguest of notions.

The current line up of suits at HP is likely to be shuffled, with Apotheker no doubt having some aces up his sleeve. The changes are likely to come in March, according to the Journal (sub required).