SAP signs pact with Apple

maxresdefaultThe outfit which makes expensive management software, which no one is sure what it does, is partnering with the cargo cult which makes expensive shiny toys for those with more money than sense.

SAP has signed a deal with Apple which is part of yet another move by Jobs’ Mob to flog its expensive gear to businesses. Apple has already signed deals with IBM and Cisco in a desperate bid to get buisinesses to buy its expensive gear now that the Chinese are saying no. So far these moves have gone no-where so it has asked SAP to help.

SAP announced a broad partnership with Apple today to bring iOS to SAP’s enterprise customer base. Steve Lucas, president for SAP’s Digital Enterprise Platform says while it’s natural to see similarities between the IBM deals, there are major differences.

For a start SAP has been working closely with Apple to bring its “profound design sense to this endeavor.” The objective of this partnership is no less than to revolutionise work on the iPad and iPhone, Lucas says.

SAP has announced several programs to help push iOS to its customers starting with a new set of apps for the iPad and iPhone that take advantage of data stored in SAP tools. It’s also providing an iOS SDK for SAP HANA, its in-memory database product, allowing organizations to not only use the apps that SAP is building, but also giving them the opportunity to build their own custom apps using data stored in HANA.

SAP is also offering SAP Academy for iOS as a training ground for SAP programmers to learn to use the HANA iOS SDK.

While you might not see a natural fit between SAP and Apple, when the IBM partnership was launched in 2014, it certainly raised some eyebrows too, but by the end of last year the partnership had created 100 apps — and that number has surely increased since then.

SAP is also planning on building 100 apps. The apps and the SDK are not yet available, but they say they should start to trickle out in Beta later this year. Many of the apps are in progress, according to Lucas, but they are not ready to ship yet.