SAP sapped of more top sappers

More senior heads have rolled at giant software company SAP as the combine harvested its chief operating officer.

Erwin Gunst is leaving the company to be replaced by Gerhard Oswald, a long timer at SAP who was in charge of global services and report. Gunst is leaving for health reasons, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile John Schwarz, in charge of the firm’s business intelligence unit and who ran Business Objects (BO) before SAP bought it, also resigned from the company.

SAP's SnabeSchwartz was supposed to head up a new division of SAP with him as captain of the barque – SAP gave no reason for his departure.

The former CEO, Leo Apotheker, resigned last weekend and was replaced by two co-CEOs, Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe.

SAP reported its fourth quarter income in January and showed a 12 percent drop in its profitability.