SAP boss loses an eye after fall

70_McDermott_BillThe maker of expensive esoteric software which no one really knows what it does, lost his eye and nearly his life after a fall at his home.

SAP boss Bill McDermott, 54 was walking down stairs at night carrying a glass of water in his left hand when he slipped and landed on the tumbler.

McDermott almost bled to death after cutting up his face and shattering his eye socket in the midnight fall.

German magazine WirtschaftsWoche reported Doctors couldn’t save his left eye despite their best efforts.

The chief exec said he was still alive, and that’s not a given after such a bad accident.

“This can happen to anyone. It’s important to stand up after you’ve fallen down.”

Plattner drew up a contingency plan for the future leadership of SAP just in case McDermott quit as a result of his injuries, but it looks like he will pull through.