SAP and KPN release Q2 earnings figures

German business software giant SAP today told the world that things have been just spiffing, after software revenues jumped 17 percent year-over-year from €543 million to €637 million.

Software related services grew by 16 percent, hitting €2.26 billion, compared to €1.95 billion a year earlier. Total revenues grew 12 percent from €2.58 billion to €2.9 billion.

Thanks to companies shelling out for R/3 and other niceties, the company’s net profit grew from €426 million to €491 million, an increase of 15 percent. All in all, SAP has managed to increase revenues by nine percent in the first half of this year, growing them from €4.97 billion to €5.4 billion.

Shareholders will be particularly happy, as the net profit rose 41 percent, from €622 million to €878 million.

The company formerly known as SAP Aktiengesellschaft Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverbeitung before the wall came down also announced it had completed its cash tender offer for all outstanding Sybase shares. Sybase will continue operating as a a seperate company and concentrate on what it is doing and so on.

“We had outstanding growth in strategic markets like the U.S. and we saw continued double-digit growth in key emerging markets in Latin America and Asia. This solid performance is due to renewed customer confidence, an ever-expanding ecosystem, as well as focused execution on our go-to-market strategy,” said SAP top dog Bill McDermott.

Dutch telco KPN also released its figures for the second quarter. Revenues and other income fell by -1.7 percent from €3.41 billion to €3.35 billion, however the net profit increased 26 percent and rose to €465 million. Revenue was affected by selling off carrier business SNT Belgium & Netherlands, parts of ICT services company Getronics and regulation in The Netherlands.

E-Plus, KPN’s German mobile subsidiary, today also stated meagre growth of 0.8 percent in the saturated market. Revenues and other items rose from €797 million to €803 million year-over-year. Blended ARPU (monthly average revenue per user) however sank 7 percent, from €14 to €13. Around 300.000 new customers opted for E-Plus or one of its brands in the second quarter.