Sanyo finishes gigantic green tech showroom

Sanyo has finished its Kasai Green Energy Park in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, which will open official on the 22nd of October this year. The idea is that it will be a base for Sanyo’s green technology developments to be showcased to potential customers.

It is chock full of Sanyo kit, including  a PV installation which uses HIT solar cells at a 1MW output, what it says is the largest scale 1.5MWh lithium-ion battery system for power storage, an energy management system which keeps an eye on the goings on in the park and a smart energy system which makes sure it’s running efficiently.

Sanyo’s R&D team is in Japan – fiercely loyal thanks to corporate culture in the company, a spokesperson tells us – so it’ll be good for Sanyo to have what is essentially a gigantic, working showroom demonstrate how its technology can work in tangible terms.

Sanyo is aggressively pushing its photovoltaic systems globally, particularly targeting the high end residential market which can afford its kit – its latest line of cells are designed for high efficiency and rate of return on a relatively small surface area.