Sandisk pushes faster into the enterprise

Sandisk FusionMemory company Sandisk said it has released the next generation of its Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators which it claims will “dramatically” improve performance and is aimed at data centres.

The accelrators use Sandisk NAND flash and virtual storage layer (VSL) acceleration sotware will give a four times price performance improvement and is 61 percent cheaper than its previous family of products.

The aim of the family is to reduce the length of time and the infrastructure needed to suck out data out of conventional legacy hard drive based storage systems, Sandisk claimed.

Sandisk claims that by implementing its Fusion cards, enterprises can cut the time needed to run database reports by as much as sven times or more.

The family of products includes the SX350 and SX300 series which have capacities from 1.25TB to 6.4TB 0 aimed at virtualisation, databases, business intelligence and real tme financial workloads.

Uts PX600 series ranges from 1TB to 5.2YB, while its Mezzanine series in incorporated on HP Gen 9 and Gen 8 blade servers.

The portfolio is available for enterprises to sample, said Sandisk.