Samsung versus Apple case getting silly

The latest patent case between Apple and Samsung is going to be nasty and silly, if the opening shots are anything to go by.

Yesterday Samsung lawyers objected to the jury seeing a handy video made by the Federal Judicial Centre called “How Patents Work: An Overview for Jurors”. Samsung’s beef with the video was that it used, as a case study, Apple.

Samsung said the video includes several scenes in which Apple products are depicted and used. It recommended that the jurors be shown an earlier video that was also shown to the jury in another patent dispute between Apple and Samsung in the court, and does not feature products and brands at question in the trial.

Shown in the video are the iPad, a newer model of a laptop computer, and an iPhone. Samsung said. “The narration during this portion of the video addresses how the disclosure of a patent may ‘inspire new inventions.’

US District Judge Lucy Koh overruled Samsung Electronics’ objections. In her order on Sunday, Judge Koh wrote that the parties shall bring the November 2013 version of the video, and shall include a handout referenced in the video in the jury binders.

In the lawsuit, Apple claims that Samsung infringed five of its patents in 10 models of phones and tablets, while Samsung has counterclaimed that Apple has infringed on two of its patents in nine phones and tablets.

Still if things are getting this messy at this point we can expect them to get uglier later.